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wonders never cease Friday, February 18, 2011

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 2011welcome {ohmygodthisweather!} weekend.

It seems like all we talk about is the weather. Just a few weeks ago, we all went on and on about the ridiculous cold, and today we're all losing our minds over this incredible peek at spring. SO. Some suggestions on how to make the best of the weekend, before we return to February.
cropped-temporiumweblogo+ The Mount Pleasant Temporium opens this weekend and sticks around for a whole, fabulous month! There are oodles of fun and free activities, plus gorgeous handmade items for sale by vendors far and wide. At least when the weather gets bleak, you can always pop in to learn how to make a pin or buy a piece of art or eat ice cream and such.
+ Once you've hit the Temporium, swing on by the shop for our annual winter sale. Lots of new items were JUST discounted, so get 'em while they're hot!
+ The National Geographic screens all of the 2011 Oscar nominees for Best Foreign Language Film. The whole shebang is sold out, so we hope you got your tickets!
+ Another movie for you (this time it's free. and short. and gorgeous.):

Aaaaahhhh...relaxed. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the...WEATHER.


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