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wonders never cease Friday, December 30, 2011


A round-up of some of team Proper Topper's resolutions:
+ "give myself more free time and learn to commit less" {Lisa}
+ "wear red lipstick more often" {Sara}
+ "drink more water" {Deanna}
+ "run a marathon, keep a journal, be more engaged in my community" {Katherine}
+ "do more pencil drawings" {Jake}
+ "drink less soda and exercise more" {Nikki}
+ "go to a museum at least once a month" {Tara}
+ "do yoga, live in the moment, spend more time with family" {Anna}
+ "write thank you notes and get back to doing weekly play lists" {Joe}
+ "be kinder to Arnold {the mailman}, steer clear of people bearing hats" {Cassady, store mascot, pictured above}


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