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wonders never cease Friday, August 6, 2010

FRIDAY, AUGUST 6th, 2010welcome weekend.

This weekend, we're dreaming of cool spaces filled with new ideas. Because: our house is wrapped in Tyvek. ("What's Tyvek?," I asked not long ago. Hmm. Turns out, you know it when you see it.) It's dark & loud & crowded inside, and we need a reminder that Change is Good.tyvek city2And, because: it is hot & oppressive here (and there, and everywhere, it seems). AND, because: we're dreaming up new business shenanigans that will include a host of new creative opportunities. (BIG news coming next week!) So, here we go, pieces of a dream:

+ A Cool House: something like this. (OK, not physically possible, but it's lovely to dream.) huge light + A Cool Head: bathing cap chic. Gonna try to make us some. 3db9ea03d47df1ede7d68837702da5fb0a94afb3_m

+ A Cool Drink. With it's very own parasol. DrinkParasol2

+ Cool, Crisp Pleats: organic cotton, from our new heroine, Tara St. James at Study. study_fw10_100209_01-1024x1024


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