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wonders never cease Friday, August 28, 2009

8 1/2 things to do.

summerlistSummer's racing to the Labor Day finish line! We're gonna try to enjoy every last second. 8 1/2 things to squeeze in this week: 1. Go swimming. (Diving board required.) 2. Take a walk in the woods (bring along a trusty hat). 3. Blow bubbles. 4. Listen to the cicadas' farewell sonata (remarkably giddy!). 5. Grill tons of food and invite EVERYONE over. 6. Ride a carousel. 7. Have a lemonade (and pancake) stand. 8. Gaze hard at the sky. Freeze the moment. (1/2) Share a big, juicy, messy wedge of watermelon with someone you love. What's on your list? Send us an email by 9/4 and let us know - maybe we'll add it to our list! (And we'll give you an End-of-Summer Play List CD!)


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wonders never cease