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wonders never cease Friday, August 28, 2009

these united states

tus"Welcome to today. From the opening cry of empty-handed liberty to the gleaming, gliding farewell that sends us to blessed slumbers, this is a revolutionary soundtrack built for car stereos and stocking-footed bedroom dancing...These United States proffer a lean, hungry, lustily inviting manifesto for the best parts of humanism. We are no longer prisoners of the past, and the future is ours to make or break. Roll up your sleeves, grab a tambourine and a shovel and join the revival."--Dennis Cook, JAMBASE Local wonders These United States make a stop in DC tomorrow night, and they'll have their new album, Everything Touches Everything, in tow (soon to be available at Proper Topper!). Come out for an evening of incredible music. You won't be disappointed, we promise. These United States. Saturday night. At the Black Cat. We wouldn't be anywhere else.


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wonders never cease