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wonders never cease Friday, April 9, 2010

FRIDAY, APRIL 9th, 2010welcome, weekend.

flowersSPRING IS HERE! Sun! Flowers! Allergies! A round-up of what we did this week and what delights await us this weekend: ***What an honor to be featured on Virgin Travel's new blog (especially because we're called "nifty," and we love that word). ***The cherry blossoms are out, and DC has been host to thousands of bloom-loving tourists. We've seen the flowers and taken the photos, so kudos to the Pink Line Project for giving us locals something Cherry-Blossom-y to do that doesn't involve tree pollen. And we swoon ever so at the fashions on display... ***For a more traditional cherry blossom experience: a street festival! and a PARADE! ***Pretty new dresses blew into our shops this week. (And we offered 10% off to our Twitter followers. So. You should follow us on Twitter.) ***As always, a clever and educational play list of the week. It sounds pretty good, too. ***In the second post to contain a graph this week, we chatted with edgy designer Abigail Glaum-Lathbury. We might steal her specs when she comes to our shop next weekend. (You should come, too!) ***And thanks to Abigail for this beauty. Maybe now we'll be inspired to make something other than a crane. ***Speaking of beauty, THIS. IS. AMAZING. ***Look what we just got! We'll be playing jacks all weekend! (Stay tuned for more from this UK-based fun-porium. Teaser: they sell portable sundials.) jacks ***We're so pleased with the weather right now that it's hard to be inside. We'd rather be roaming the streets of DC, walking beneath the most amazing wisteria we've ever seen. wisteria What are you seeing on your constitutionals? Take a walk, take a photo, and send it along to us. We'd love to post your spring discoveries! (And keep in mind: we are particularly charmed by secret gardens.) secretgarden


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