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wonders never cease Friday, April 8, 2011

FRIDAY, April 8th, 2011welcome weekend.

cherryblossom_jeffersonOur week has been filled with fashion inspiration, and the weekend promises to be full of cherry blossoms. Government shutdown---shmovernment shutdown. We may soon be in a trash emergency, and the whole city is likely to get the shakes from not being able to access Blackberries, but looking at our beautiful gifts from Japan is still allowed.
+ In fact, so popular is the Cherry Blossom Festival that, if the government shuts down, the organizers will re-route the parade! Because really, LOOK AT ALL the great things happening downtown this weekend!
+ But what will the weather be like? No rain, they say, so why don't you pop on down to Dupont Circle and see what we just got in to protect you from the sun? How adorable is this cloche?
+ A vintage-inspired topper such as that is the perfect introduction to this little gem. (Apparently, we weren't expected to still be getting inspiration from fashion of the past. We were to be designing for the FUTURE!)

+ Another interesting thing from the past: a beetle-wing dress.
+ Perhaps recycling beetle wings into a dress in some way led us to this {really cool, really great} project?
+ And as we get nearer and ever-so-nearer to the big Royal Wedding (did you hear? a prince over in England is getting married!), what post would be complete without a mention? You know how we love fascinators, so we're mostly in it for the sartorial choices of those involved. Until that day, though, we've created our own fun. The Royal Wedding Story continues next week, but let's take a peek at Barbie Kate on this dreary Friday, shall we? Look at her! SO ready for the weekend.


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