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wonders never cease Friday, April 22, 2011

FRIDAY, April 22nd, 2011welcome weekend.

So many count-downs this week: Easter, summer, Mother's Day, the ROYAL let's address them in order, shall we?
+ Do you have your Easter bonnet? With all the frills upon it? Will you be the grandest lady in the Easter parade? Just checking.
+ If parades aren't really your thing, why don't you make an egg diorama this weekend?
+ This is what you should be wearing on the first day of summer (maybe lose the socks):
+ For Mom:
+ And don't forget about Barbie Kate! She was last seen preparing for her honeymoon. Stay tuned next week for the final steps on her journey to becoming a monarch. In the meantime, what are you doing for the wedding? Are you getting up at 7am to watch the falderal? Are you entered in an office pool of who Kate will be wearing? Are you practicing your dance moved?!


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