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wonders never cease Friday, April 16, 2010

FRIDAY, APRIL 16th, 2010welcome weekend.

Friday stream-of-consciousness round-up:

+ Today's the day we've been cooking up for months with Jenn Barger & FW: our Glaum-Lathbury Trunk Show/Fashion Chat. It's a glorious day, so we'll be outside! Our garden looks like a dream. We're counting down the minutes. Now, speaking of cooking up...

Bacon-Brittle-743341 + Thinking we have to serve Bacon Brittle. Our brilliant source, Saucy Apron, tells us that it will "win you friends & influence people the world over." Now who can resist that? (Influence be damned...she had us at "bacon.") And Angels on Horseback, scallops wrapped in bacon, a heavenly treat. (And we'll have plenty of veggie canapes, too. 'Cause not everyone is a bacon-eating vegetarian.)

+ And of course there will be a signature cocktail. What goes with bacon? Everything. And champagne goes with everything. Therefore, without a blink at that tautology or syllogism or whatever particular logical short-circuit we just performed, we announce: bacon goes with champagne punch. Hoof in hoof.DSC02317-th2

+ Speaking of hooves, did we mention that we'll have ponies next week at the Proper Topper/Friends of Rose Park Spring Celebration? And face painting. DSC02325-th2And music a live performance by Vandaveer, famous throughout our land, but really FAMOUS in France!! (Fill in your own Jerry Lewis/David Hasselhoff joke.)

emily_emerald+ We hope some of the kids at the park will be twirling in these adorable & silky soft numbers from Imoga (sizes 12 mo - 8 yrs! coming soon to our site, in both shops now).

+ A propo de rien, have you seen To Kill A Mockingbird lately? It's the best movie ever. And it's been much on my mind of late.

+ We love organic farming. (More on that next week.)

+ Happy Birthday, Tara, hardest-core of core team members.PH20090901034141


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