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wonders never cease Thursday, January 31, 2013

Even animals love a pocket.

Mindful that we are now official Arbiters of Pocket Style (see WSJ & Gawker infamy below ... ), mark our words: animals enjoy pockets for flair, too. Behold Coral & Tusk's adventuresome rascals: Fox carries a camera in his pocket; Owl, binoculars; and Bear, a slingshot. Much more fun than our de rigueur lipsticks, phones, and credit cards... {Martha S. loves them, too ... see 6-page Coral & Tusk spread in this month's issue.}

To celebrate all things pocket, we're having a Flash Pocket Sale this weekend: 10% off all new spring clothing with pockets, plus an additional 20% off our already reduced clothing (pocket or no)! The savings only last through Sunday, so get in on the pocket frenzy while you can.

The Pocket Backstory: First, our infamous quote in "Wardrobe Dysfunction: Inaugural Puts Button-Down Town in Tizzy," Wall Street Journal 1.18.13, in response to reporter's query about Inaugural style -- 

Here, "There's an age-old need, or burden, to dress in a way that's not going to raise eyebrows," says Tara McCredie, manager and buyer at Proper Topper, a boutique in Dupont Circle. So when it comes to dressy affairs, "We try to bring women along slowly, give them a little bit more edge…like this dress," she said, holding up a plain black sleeveless sheath with discreet white checks. "It has a pocket."

Well, as we know you know, we didn't mean it that way. Our customers defy the silly myth about DC lacking edge and/or style. Nevertheless, Gawker leapt right on it, crediting us with starting the Pocket Riots of 2013:

The Pocket Riots of 2013, now in its third day of uninterrupted frenzy, has resulted in at least fourteen deaths, sixty-seven arrests, and countless amounts of property damage. As of this reporting, over 10,000 women in demure cocktail dresses have barricaded themselves inside of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, demanding elbow-length opera gloves and gowns with "clean, architectural lines for every goddamn woman over 50 in this christforsaken city or we will burn it clean to the ground. Pockets. What are we supposed to do with pockets."

"We already have handbags," a spokeswoman for the terrified, mud-streaked mob told a member of the press. "What are we supposed to do with a dress with a pocket in it?

Ha. You, dear readers, have all sorts of interesting things for your pockets. Now come and get 'em.


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wonders never cease