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wonders never cease Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dressing for the Chief.

Temperatures are dropping, but that won't deter us from putting on our fancy pants this Inaugural weekend--Proper Topper's 6th! The Washington Post styled a lovely slideshow of party-ready looks, so we thought we'd throw our hat into the proverbial ring (oh...the puns). Tell us: where and in what will you be seen when the parties begin?

1.  Tracy Reese Cocoon Bodice Dress, $260  2. Tusk "Amazon" Gusseted Wristlet, $128  3. Tracy Reese Released Pleat Frock, $425 4. Yoana Baraschi "Metal Goddess" Party Dress, $330  5. Ettika Woven Bracelet, $93  6. Marlyn Schiff Crystal Flower Earrings, $55  7. Yoana Baraschi "Silver Moon" Strapless Dress, $305  8. Gerard Yosca Crystal Brooch, $215  9. Tracy Reese 3/4 Frock, $350  10. Tracy Reese Back Bow Shift, $260  11. Gerard Yosca Pearl Necklace, $374


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wonders never cease