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wonders never cease Friday, August 3, 2012

change a comin’

You may have heard (because we keep talking about it!) that we're working on a new website (thank you, brilliant Anemone Design!), and lo, it is almost ready for its premiere. We're working madly behind the scenes (slowing down our blogging and new additions to the current site at the moment, sorry ... ). It will be so worth it! Along with a beautiful new look and fabulously simple navigation, the fresh will feature loads of new services to help with things we've learned you want, like: curbside delivery (like Sonic, but much more stylish!) and in-store pick-up for locals in a hurry -- purchase online, pick up a beautifully wrapped package ready to go! For Pinterest lovers, we'll be pinning like mad and celebrating your pinning to us with contests and prizes to make you smile. For crafters, there will be weekly projects online and in-store crafting parties. And for all our dear shoppers, we'll continue to offer the freshest finds and best customer service we possibly can.

Have a little preview of the new look, and take a peek at just a few of the images that inspire us and will soon be prominent on Proper Topper's Pinterest page (we can't wait to get going!).


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wonders never cease