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wonders never cease Monday, February 10, 2014

Be My Valentine: The 1980s.

So big, so bright, so...'80s. What was your Valentine's Day like thirty years ago? Let's see:

{Hopefully, your relationship fared better than these couples...}

What would you wear?

Stonewashed jeans, crop tops, neon, shoulder pads, big hair...oi.

For her:

{Denim and spandex? Yes. Or anything worn by the Material Girl. Or by the Flashdancer.}

For him:

{Just kidding.}

{A little better? Maybe.}

Where would you go?

A good old fashioned night of bowling would do the trick, followed by a John Hughes movie, of course.

Your playlist for the evening:

Sweet nothings:

Only two decades left!


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wonders never cease