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wonders never cease Thursday, February 6, 2014

Be My Valentine: The 1940s.

Though most of this decade was shrouded in the shadow of World War II, there was still room for romance.

What would you wear?

Inaccessibility to European designers and fabrics saw the rise of American talent and synthetic materials. Darker colors and boxy silhouettes became popular (think shoulder pads and zoot suits)--even in the face of war, fashion prevailed.

For her:

{Thea Grant "Water Street" Necklace, $365 & Carolina Amato Leather Bow Cuff Gloves, $124 & Giovannio Mini Pillbox Headband, $66 & The Fashion Bible}

For him:

{Sanforized Slacks & Bailey "Dax" Fedora, $88 & Stetson Plaid Ivy Cap, $36 & Tokyo Bay "Holmes" Pocket Watch, $120}

Where would you go?

Times were tough, so why not catch a film to take your mind off things (after the wartime news reels, of course)? Or simply take a scenic drive or bicycle ride, ending up at the local juke joint for a night of jitterbugging.

Your playlist for the evening:

Sweet nothings:

Tomorrow: the post war era of the 1950s (poodle skirts! rock and roll! Audrey Hepburn!)...


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wonders never cease