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wonders never cease Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Be My Valentine: The 1930s.

Today in our dates-from-decades-past series: the 1930s.

What would you wear?

The 1930s brought a return to the feminine silhouette, with lengthening hemlines and waistlines back to where they should be (at the waist!). Broad shouldered pieces were prominant in both men's and women's fashion, and you wouldn't be caught dead at a party wearing anything but an elegant evening gown and a fur (at least for a few years, until the Depression dug in its heels...).

{Thea Grant "Bayard Short" Necklace, $386 & Eugenia Kim "Molly" Collar, $220 & anything worn by Jean Harlow}

What would you do?

The aforementioned Depression forced the population to turn 180 degrees from the prosperous '20s in order to make ends meet. So why not have your date over for dinner? Gelatin molds, anything deviled, and gin should do the trick. End the evening by swing dancing in your living room, in front of your HUGE radio.

Your playlist for the evening:

Sweet nothings:


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wonders never cease