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wonders never cease Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Be My Valentine: The 1920s.

February 14th is around the corner, making us curious about Valentine's Days of yore. Imagine the perfect date in the roaring '20s...

What would you wear?

As the flapper movement came to the fore, dropped waists and bold accessories were de rigueur. Add a smoky eye and a sassy bob, and your date might have mistaken you for Clara Bow.

{B L A ^ K "Cansu" Dress, $260 & Thea Grant "Gatsby Street" Necklace, $378 & Jane Tran Glitz Lutz Barrette, $95 & loads of eyeliner and moxy}

Where would you go?

Start with dinner at one of the trendiest spots in town (think Old Ebbitt Grill, dubbed Washington's oldest saloon and known for its famous guests), followed by dancing to the newest musical craze. DC's very own Duke Ellington would have been playing with his jazz band in various clubs around the city, most famously the newly restored Howard Theatre. Not in the dancing mood? Why not catch a silent film? There's lots of time to snuggle with your sweetie while you're watching Sunrise.

Your playlist for the evening:

Sweet nothings:


Is this an ideal Valentine's Day? Stay tuned to see how later decades stack up...


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wonders never cease