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wonders never cease Monday, April 24, 2017

Let’s Get Whimiscal

Whimsical, slightly anachronistic, purely ornamental.

Serious times call for frivolous indulgences. My recommendation: a glorious spring hat. Sometimes beautiful and elegant, sometimes outrageous and disruptive, sometimes all of the above; hats are minor indulgences (relative to a fine meal, even, not to mention sports cars and island vacations) that can be a personal statement, a celebration of style, a nod to history, a gesture of respect. 

Spring hats, in particular, are like fresh blossoms emerging after a long dark winter. They are emphatically hopeful.

Over these past winter months, I found choosing spring hats for the shop to be a lovely escape from the serious issues of the day. I hope you'll come by and tour the collection. Perhaps you can stop by this weekend for our annual "Champagne & Chapeaux" celebration? It's also my 22nd anniversary here in this Dupont location -- time to celebrate all around.

And, whatever you do, be sure to be frivolous.


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wonders never cease