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wonders never cease Thursday, January 10, 2013

House Tour Time

How wonderful is it when your favorites come calling? Apartment Therapy, long our go-to source for our design inspiration, particularly during a long recent home renovation, knocked on our door last month! They asked to feature us in one of their famous House Tours, and, since our home (which, as you'll see, is very much an extension of our shop!) had just undergone so much work, we couldn't resist. 

It was the most fun we've had in a long time. First of all, writer Catrin Morris and photographer Lauren Ackil were both immediate new friends -- who wouldn't want to have these two come hang out? And we got to dish (maybe more than anyone ever wanted to know ... ) about digging a basement under a centuries-old home, Joe's DIY projects, and bringing our garden inside. Read Catrin's piece here ...

Then, last week, our favorite go-to for style inspiration, Refinery29 (and the ever-fashionable Holly Thomas!), surprised us with this feature on our "sweet, sunny digs."

Then! What to our wondering eyes should appear but's feature on our "Life-Filled garden Kitchen" -- which, by the way, serves as the photography studio for much of what you see on our site (yup, that weathered wood on the table should look familiar!).

Hope you enjoy --


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wonders never cease