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wonders never cease Saturday, June 25, 2016

26 Years!

So, maybe you've heard (because we've been making a pretty big deal out of it ... ), Proper Topper just turned TWENTY-SIX. Which is like a billion in shop years.

Needless to say, we're celebrating. We've been strolling down memory lane for a few weeks on Instagram, and this week in the shop we're revisiting the 90s with our favorite songs (you can listen here: more than 24 hours of fun) and beverages (Capri Sun, KoolAid Jammers ... ) from that decade and some flashback pricing. Next week, we'll revisit the aughts. And for the duration of the next two weeks, we'll be having a big 26th anniversary sale. Please come join the fun.

Meanwhile, we want to thank you for supporting a real live brick-and-mortar shop (which used to be just be called "a shop") staffed by real live people. We think local retail shops play an important role in their communities. We're hoping to keep sharing our favorite things with you for many more years. Cheers to the next quarter of a century!

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wonders never cease