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wonders never cease

playlist of the week: songs for cassady

Cassady Six Pix Seven years ago today, in a dusty town in western Georgia, our beloved Cassady was born to a stray Boxer who’d been rescued by our friend David. Cassady’s mom, like many of the artists on our playlist, left an enduring gift to the world before she died that day. The playlist today is a tribute to our best friend. (And her brother Buster and their 8 siblings.)

1. “Best Friend” – The Dandy Warhols A subtle, building lead-in makes it the perfect opener to celebrate man’s best friend. 2. “Long May You Run” – Neil Young Although it’s actually written about a car, this classic expresses the proper birthday sentiment for our beloved pooch. The Canadian rock warhorse releases his 14th cd of this year, Dreamin' Man, due in stores on or about Nov 2nd. I guess rust isn’t the only thing that never sleeps, eh? 3. “Jenny and the Ess-Dog” – Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Ex-Pavement frontman pokes fun at the self-satisfied with catchy hooks, and he sings a part from the perspective of the dog (at least that’s how I hear it). 4. “Sweet Georgia Brown” – Ella Fitzgerald This song fits Cassady like a glove – a brownish dog, born in Georgia, sweet as the day is long. And you’ll never go wrong with Ella. 5. “Black Eyed Dog” – Nick Drake A lovely tune from the tragic acoustic genius, gathered up and released posthumously. 6. “One Man Guy” – Rufus Wainwright In addition to being a perfect description for the most loyal dog in DC, it is also an incredibly poignant, complex, layered song, written and performed for years by Loudon Wainwright III, then covered by the supremely talented Rufus with backing vocals from his sister Martha. It’s rich with beautiful singing, a simple guitar, and about forty different ways to hear and interpret the lyrics. 7. “Walkin’ After Midnight” – Patsy Cline Cline initially didn’t want to record what she called "just a little old pop song,” but it launched her career and inpires dog owners to get off the couch to this day. 8. “Brown Eyes” – Kitty Hawk One of DC’s best kept secrets, Chris Walker’s got some mighty wisdom and beautiful tunes for anyone willing to listen. 9. “I Wanna Be Your Dog” – Alejandro Escovedo Escovedo sets his violins and cellos as well as his velvet guitar licks on the Stooges classic. Even Iggy Pop would have to sit up and enjoy this romp. 10. “Do The Dog” – The Specials Seventies ska band ranking full stop with their latest dance, lobbying for their moves over any other. 11. “The Boxer” – Simon and Garfunkel Beautiful ballad from NYC’s folk-rock troubadors for our half-boxer. Unfortunately we don’t know any songs about a ridgeback that we felt good recommending. 12. “She’s My Best Friend” – The Velvet Underground It seems a bit like this semi-nonsensical song might have been actually been written about our girl Cassady, except for the part about being better than a dog or car.

Stop by our Georgetown shop with your best friend for free birthday (dog) biscuits and a bottomless bowl of water, all week.

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feelin’ french


Overheard delicious bits of conversation at the local French preshool this morning. Ate a croissant. Wanted to wear a beret. Instead, decided to slip on this IKKS (phonetic French for "x," as in label X, pronounced "eeeks!") sheath. Ooo la la, now we're parlin'. Care to join our little French revolution? Mention this for 25% off any IKKS item or any beret, through tomorrow only.

Dinner at Cafe Bonaparte, anyone? Best pommes frites this side of Paris. A bientôt!

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everything touches everything cd giveaway!

We had such a good time with These United States on Saturday that we decided to share their music with our loyal customers. Email us with your favorite moment from the historic Inauguration week. (After all, it was this week that inspired the musicians of These United States as they composed their 3rd album...) The top three submissions will win a free CD! For everyone else, the CDs have arrived and will now officially begin to fly like hotcakes. (Contest ends September 8.)

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mila makes us happy.

sampostcard"Mila" makes us want to ditch those hippie-chic bags we've loved all summer and commit to sophistication for fall. From our ever-cool friends at Ananas, this beauty is made of Italian washed lambskin with soft patent leather trim. For every bag sold, Ananas plants a tree in the Philippines, the land from whence the organic trims - and inspiration for the bags - come.

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our friend the scarf.

662104[1]The Scarf. Classic. Currently trendy. Transforming. Officially-endorsed dress-up play. With the twist of a wrist, you've donned Isadora Duncan bohemia or Grace Kelly glam. Let us count some of the ways we love a scarf: 1) Choker-style, ends pulled forward and loosely knotted. 2) In a triangle (esp. a fringed scarf), point to the front, ends wrapped & draped forward. 3) Doubled, ends pulled through and dangling in front. 4) As a shrug, arms slipped through knotted corners. 5) Wrapped & tied at base of head, ends flowing long. 6) Wrapping head several times, ends tied over chignon.

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a somber eve

kennedyLiving in DC, sometimes we forget that our neighborhood holds so much history. Last evening, at a pool on an Arlington hillside, the usual mayhem was interrupted by the sound of a motorcade. The sun was setting in a beautiful sky. We realized: Senator Kennedy's casket was arriving at Arlington Cemetery.

To us, Senator Kennedy was a good neighbor and a kind customer - and a champion, as he was to so many. Our thoughts are with his family.

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wonders never cease