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wonders never cease

another little tease. . .

963629back953135th962482th"Seriously?," you might ask. Yes. Seriously. These fetching items will be coming with us tomorrow evening to The District Sample Sale. Watch for anything that somehow doesn't exit the building tomorrow to be back in the shops for one last chance on Thursday. After that, bye bye bargains.

On the left, Nanette Lepore's "Give It Up" cocktail dress, originally priced at $435. Above, the brilliant red cashmere wrap from Burning Torch was originally $435. Above right, a scrumptious silk shift by Tracy Reese started the season at $345. All are now less than half the original. How much less? Come see us tomorrow evening and find out!

AND, follow us on Twitter as we keep you updated on specials and giveaways in our booth.

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crying shame.

Ragweed Notes to self scribbled through tears: never say "I used to be bothered by ragweed - so glad I'm not any more!" (uttered 2 days ago, smugly); never wear eye cream in September (ouch!); never, ever hold a filled-to-the-brim cup of hot coffee during sneezing fit (ditto!).

Seasons past have proven that folks steer clear of Richter-scale-rated sneezes and don't really care when you explain, through tears and sniffling, "it's allergies, not a cold." Add Swine Flu panic and, poof! - previous unpopularity is raised to pariah status.

But it is a lovely plant, isn't it? (And talented: its pollen can travel as far as 400 miles, so - lucky you! - you may be affected by ragweed even if it doesn't grow nearby.) Good news: ragweed season ends with the first frost. Until then...tissues, please.

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good for the world (and your wallet).

545802Regard, if you will, this glowing beauty from World Finds. A champion of a bracelet, handmade in India of antique gold wire, it weighs in at only $20 (yes, only $20!). And, AND, the best part: World Finds is a fair trade company that works directly with artisan groups to develop products and educate women on issues of social welfare (health, schooling, AIDS awareness, etc.). Check our website later this week for more World Finds offerings. Or better yet, get involved.

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in the land of man.

cufflinksWe've been bubbling with excitement over new fall handbags, scarves and bangles, but what about the men? Enter the cuff link. Dating back to the Middle Ages, cuff links have long been a staple of a man's accessory collection. But we've moved beyond gold coins and diamond studs. We're seeing natural materials (cork! agate!), whimsical gadgets (levels! compasses!), and delicate designs (the world in lapis!). So as the temperature drops and sleeves lengthen, treat yourself (or the man in your life) to something special. We wouldn't want your cuffs to be left (unadorned) in the cold.

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not just another day.

storeevents_bellamuseIt is strange, to say the least, for the 9:00 hour to pass on this date without one's heart stopping, and to somehow reach late morning without being completely transported back to that awful day. To see and write the date almost as if it were just a number. Of course there's good and bad to that return to normalcy, but we're going to stop now for a moment and think, and hope.

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may we tempt you?

964104The District Sample Sale, our favorite shopping extravaganza, will take place this Wednesday. (Tickets are still available online if you hurry!) It's pretty awesome: great local boutiques offering up lovely wares for a fraction of the original price, proceeds from the evening benefitting Rachael's Women's Center.

Here's a little peek at some of our amazing deals: an Edun silk charmeuse wrap dress, originally $310, at DSS for $70; acouple of Tracy Reese sheaths (so gorgeous!), from $415 to $90; and one Nanette Lepore "As I Please" skirt, originally $205, at DSS for $60.

We're going to spice things up even more by throwing special deals & giveaways to the crowd via Twitter throughout the evening. You have to play to win. Follow us, we'll lead you to great things! 962500th 963539th

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wonders never cease