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wonders never cease


As we ease into midsummer, we're looking forward to the lazy-ish days and fun escapes ahead, mindful that they'll roll by quickly. We plan to document get-aways and adventures -- our own and others' -- but first, we forge on with the second and final week of our 26TH anniversary sale and an Homage to the Aughts (which rolled by quickly). Our sale is reminiscent of the HUGE PATIO SALES that defined the first decade of this century in our Georgetown shop. We're serving bubbly refreshments reminiscent of the bubbles that flew up and over the garden wall at that shop every Saturday morning at Play Time. And we're playing our 22-hour play list of favorite songs we were listening to back then. Come see us if you can, and meanwhile, you can find the play list here. Hope you enjoy listening to it in your midsummer revelry.

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26 Years!

So, maybe you've heard (because we've been making a pretty big deal out of it ... ), Proper Topper just turned TWENTY-SIX. Which is like a billion in shop years.

Needless to say, we're celebrating. We've been strolling down memory lane for a few weeks on Instagram, and this week in the shop we're revisiting the 90s with our favorite songs (you can listen here: more than 24 hours of fun) and beverages (Capri Sun, KoolAid Jammers ... ) from that decade and some flashback pricing. Next week, we'll revisit the aughts. And for the duration of the next two weeks, we'll be having a big 26th anniversary sale. Please come join the fun.

Meanwhile, we want to thank you for supporting a real live brick-and-mortar shop (which used to be just be called "a shop") staffed by real live people. We think local retail shops play an important role in their communities. We're hoping to keep sharing our favorite things with you for many more years. Cheers to the next quarter of a century!

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Mr. Reliable

This week's installment of Proper Style Picks,  by our own Mr. Reliable, Jake:

With Father's Day this weekend, I'm thinking about how glad I am to have three fatherly figures in my life: my dad, my stepdad, and my mentor. While I've had my ups and downs with all of them (but who hasn't, especially as a teenager?), they have always been reliable.

With their reputations of reliability, they deserve gifts with the same reputation this Father's Day.

I already expounded on the quality of Lisa B. socks in a previous post (but you should definitely give dad some); here are some other favorites you can rely on.

Rustico leather products are all hand-crafted in Utah, ensuring their reliability for years to come. (I use one of their Departure leather wallets and can report that it's worn in beautifully.) I like the idea of sharing special memories in a brag book, making a date to spend time outdoors with a golf or fishing log, or writing a travel itinerary and wrapping it up with a passport cover and luggage tag.

Is there a more reliable summer hat than one made from panama straw? (The answer is no.) Always hand-woven in Ecuador, panama hats come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. My personal favorite this season: the Winnick.

A good book is always a reliable gift, and the shop has a really great selection this summer.  Some of my choices include topics like whiskey, fashion and lifestyle. But perhaps the most reliable on all fronts: a mash-up of  Shakespeare and (arguably) the most reliable Star Wars film: The Empire Strikes Back.

Finally, there's nothing more reliable than a good card with a handwritten message inside to tell Dad how much you really appreciate him.

Happy Father's Day!

- Jake

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Spotify Summertime

Our weird spring weather has blossomed into summer, and a sunny swelter has gripped our city just in time for the longest sultry days of the year. We invite you to enjoy another of our in-store play lists from our Spotify account. It sounds just as good by the pool as it does holed up in an air-conditioned home, and it's appropriate for discerning listeners aged 5 to 95.

Log on, kick back, relax and try to stay cool. If you're looking for a good sun hat to stay shady, swing by and let us hook you up.

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An Ode to Socks

We're pleased to launch a series of  Proper Style Picks, this one from our dapper staff member Jake:

Socks and underwear: gifts men typically dread receiving. Too often they are something needed, not wanted. 

Recently, though, there's been a revival in sock love. Colors and patterns have reappeared --  much to my liking. As someone who loves color and appreciates quality, I was drawn to these new offerings.

But: I'm hard on my feet, and socks take the brunt of my abuse. I had come to accept that socks never lasted long in my life.  

Then I gave the Lisa B. socks we sell in the shop a try. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you they changed my life. In addition to taking a beating, they are comfortable, colorful, and a great fit. My first pair has lasted more than two years and are still going strong. Did I also mention they are made in rural Pennsylvania? An added bonus. #shopsmall #madeintheUSA #etc

These socks make a statement without being too flashy. Like a pocket square, good socks will show you care about details, demonstrate personal style, and exude confidence. They're a perfect splash of color for the office, a formal(ish) occasion, a night on the town, or a night in. The colors and designs are timeless, so you won't need to buy new ones every year (but you might just want to anyhow).

As Lisa herself says, these socks "fulfill a need, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull and boring!"

As for interesting underwear ...  well, I'm going to let you choose that on your own

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Summertime Chill

This first long weekend of summer always feels like standing at a starting line, waiting for the thrilling race to begin. The sunshine! The fireflies! The water and sand and long, long evenings. A perfect time for a picnic in the park as The Summer Chill begins.

Be sure to wear a shade-producing (and fetching) hat. A summer dress is also de rigueur for the ladies, and this lovely cotton tie-back from Tracy Reese/plenty couldn't be more comfy and cool; speaking of cool, this fabulous tote is a cooler bag with abundant bottle pockets and storage space- a sneaky everyday tote that's also your picnic's best friend. Last but not least, take along some chill music: our leather-wrapped blue tooth speaker, loaded with our Proper Topper play list #2. (DId we mention that we're releasing a new play list weekly, the custom-crafted work of our own mix master Joe? Find it here, and also by following us on Spotify.)


Relax, enjoy, and let the kids go a little wild.

Savor the season!

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wonders never cease