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Anna Fuhrman opened Proper Topper in 1990, an unexpected detour into millinery from a career in law. Two decades later, the little business that began as a hat shop has become a collection of diverse wonders.

The whole family is in the game now: Anna's husband, Joe Kerr, helps guide the business, and daughter Lucy — as well as official shop pup Cassady — join in frequently.


Tara McCredie, general manager, orchestrates staff, in-store goings on and internet sales. She's a wordsmith, an artist, a photographer, and – surprise! – an opera singer.

Amy Compton, visual merchandising director, uses her abundant artistic talents to create compelling windows, intriguing displays and inviting blends of goodies.


And in the shop, ready to share the stories behind all of our treasures and guide you to the perfect selection, are:

*   Jake Short    *    Eleanor Janhunen    *    Karissa Melton    *    Kim Pendleton    *   Hana Buckholz   *       

wonders never cease