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Storing your hat in the right conditions is important. If stored on a shelf, place your hat upside down, resting on its crown. This will prevent causing the brim of your hat to change shape over time. If you hang your hat on a hook or peg, make sure the point of the hook is wide enough to avoid dimpling the hat, and be careful to move the hat frequently enough to avoid any stretching or shape change.

If your hat becomes wet, blot gently and allow it to dry naturally. Never use artificial heat (radiator, blow dryer, clothes dryer, etc.), which will cause shrinkage. Simply pull the sweatband out to allow air circulation and rest the hat upside down on the crown, letting it dry out naturally. If the hat does shrink, you can use a hat stretcher to reform the hat to its original state.

You can remove excess dirt and dust by using a hat brush to remove any surface accumulation.

Fur felt hats and many types of straw are naturally water-repellent. Most of our wool felt hats also carry a trademarked brand ensuring water-repellency, as indicated in product descriptions. Water-repellent hats will keep your head dry in a light rain shower or drizzle but should not be expected to survive a serious downpour.

When handling your hat, particularly a straw hat, be sure to hold and handle it by the brim rather than the crown. Repetitious handling of the crown of a hat will cause unwanted creasing, shape change and, inevitably, cracking of a straw crown. It is wise to use both hands for proper placement and care of the hat.for serious protection from the elements, please refer to our "rain hats" section for women or "all-weather" section for men.

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